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2024 Saint-Saëns Music Competition WOMCO



Camille Saint-Saëns (1835-1921) was a prolific French composer, pianist, and organist, celebrated for his remarkable contributions to Romantic-era music. A child prodigy, Saint-Saëns showcased extraordinary musical talent from an early age, making his concert debut at the age of ten. His extensive oeuvre encompasses symphonies, concertos, operas, chamber music, and compositions for solo instruments. Notable works include "The Carnival of the Animals," "Danse Macabre," and his "Organ Symphony." Saint-Saëns was renowned for his technical brilliance and innovative orchestration, which blended classical traditions with new, imaginative elements. As a tireless advocate for French music, he co-founded the Société Nationale de Musique, promoting the works of fellow French composers. His influence extended beyond his compositions, impacting the broader landscape of 19th-century music and inspiring future generations. Saint-Saëns' enduring legacy continues to captivate audiences worldwide, affirming his place among the great masters of classical music.


The Saint-Saëns International Music Competition honors the legacy of the great composer Camille Saint-Saëns, aiming to inspire and encourage music professionals, enthusiasts, and learners from all music styles. By nurturing the development and preservation of music in the internet age, the competition seeks to promote the diverse heritage of music across all genres. It is open to musicians of all ages and nationalities, fostering the continuity and advancement of musical art in the digital era.

Apart from the Tier Prizes, the competition also features the following unique special awards. All these Saint-Saëns Special Awards are nominated by the jury panel, and recipients will receive special edition e-certificates and e-badges.

Best Saint-Saëns Performance Special Award

Acknowledges musicians who present outstanding interpretations of Saint-Saëns' works.

Saint-Saëns Special Award for Creative Innovation

Acknowledges musicians who demonstrate exceptional creativity and innovation in musical expression, reflecting their unique talent and dedication to musical exploration, in harmony with Saint-Saëns' musical brilliance.

Saint-Saëns Special Award for Superior Interpretation

Acknowledges musicians who have demonstrated exceptional proficiency in interpreting and performing musical pieces, showcasing their own remarkable abilities and dedication to musical excellence, echoing the spirit of excellence embodied by Saint-Saëns.

Saint-Saëns Special Award for Outstanding Musicality

Acknowledges musicians who exhibit extraordinary musicality and artistry, reflecting their own exceptional talent and commitment to musical expression, resonating with the musical brilliance exemplified by Saint-Saëns.

Saint-Saëns Special Award for Exceptional Technique

Acknowledges musicians who have shown outstanding dedication, discipline, and technical prowess in their musical performances, honoring their own mastery of technique and musical skill, reminiscent of the technical brilliance demonstrated by Saint-Saëns.

Saint-Saëns Special Award for Distinguished Teamwork

Acknowledges musicians who have displayed exceptional collaboration and synergy in their performances, highlighting their ability to work harmoniously with others to achieve musical excellence, mirroring the collaborative spirit fostered by Saint-Saëns in his own musical endeavors.

Join us in celebrating the enduring influence of Saint-Saëns and contributing to the vibrant future of music across all genres. Together, let's nurture the spirit of musical innovation and ensure its continued vitality in the modern era.

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Saint-Saëns International Music Competition
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